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After birth of a baby, such a babypram is necessary, which has 2in1 or 3in1 function, travel system! 

The baby needs to lie till the age of 6 months, so it is worth to choose such a pram, which has laid carry-cot. Later it can be converted into sport seat

We have continuous pram special offers, with it sometimes we offer the products with 50% discount, with plenty if accessories, which we are giving mostly as a gift to the multifunctional babypram set.  

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All the babyprams, which we are offering has high quality, fulfill the latest safety and quality standards! The most favourable amoung these kind of products is MamaKiddies babypram, we are receiving very positive comments about it from our customers, you can find more products of this brand at us. For example MamaKiddies Premium BabyMamaKiddies VIP Baby and  MamaKiddies BabyBird pram!

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