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MamaKiddies Premium Baby 3in1 pram Black with Accessories

MamaKiddies Premium Baby 3in1 pram Black with Accessories

This multifunctional pram can be used from 0 till 3 years, to it now belongs 4 pieces accessories:   Footmuffs, Rain cover, Mosquito net, Mama bag.
It is recommended for all type of roads, as it has massive, durable frame, big rear wheels and manoeuvrable front wheels.
It makes easier the car travels because of the folding frame, moreover the baby carrier can be also quickly connected to the frame. 

504 £
Discount: 251 £
Begin: 01/01/2015   While stocks last!

  • There are 4 accessories to the baby pram set:

    • Mosquito net
    • Footmuffs
    • Rain cover
    • Mama bag


    The accessories are according to the ordered baby pram's colour.

    Specific feature of the frame:

    • Folding aluminum frame
    • Easy handling, one-touch folding
    • It can be used at worse road conditions as well, because of the big rear wheels and massive vase
    • Front wheels are turning in 360 degree 
    • The wheels can be easily fixed with central braking system
    • The handle's frame can be moved with different angles, to reach certain positions. With this function the control of baby pram is much more comfortable to everybody.
    • Big shopping cart (under the seat) helps in storage during the shopping.


    • The carry-cot is one of the most important part of the baby pram,which is suggested to use until the baby will be 6 months old. 
    • It can be removed with one-touch from the frame of the baby pram.
    • There is foot bag function at the carry-cot too.
    • In winter it keeps warm the baby, during summer it secure pleasant, cool temperature. 
    • It's canopy is really big and can be set in different positions.
    • The mattress of the carry-cot can be easily removed and cleaned.

    Lying surface size:75x30 cm


    • It is suggested to use from the age of 6 months till the age of 3 years.
    • The sportseat is also removable, moreover it is reversible, so the travelling direction can be changed. 
    • It's canopy can be set in different positions and can be detachable from the frame
    • The lying surface can be also set info different positions
    • 5 point safety belt
    • Wide and padded lying surface ensure the comfort of the baby
    • At the backrest there are additional packing area 


    • It can be used as car seat
    • It has comfortable handle, easy to use
    • Safe
    • 3 points seat belt.
    • Easy to clean
    • It is recommended to use from the age of 0 till the age of 13 months.
    • With an adapter it can be easily fixed to the frame. (the adapter is part of the set)
    • It can be fixed to the frame in all directions.
    • It is produced from light materials
    • It contains padding liners, which can be removable later, as the baby is getting older

    3 in1 Premium Baby Pram with accessories, these are:

    • Baby carrier
    • Sport seat
    • Carry-cot
    • Adapter
    • Aluminum frame
    • Canopy
    • Safety belt
    • Big shopping cart under the seat
    • Rain cover
    • Mosquito net
    • Footmuffs
    • Footmuffs to the carry-cot too
    • Mama bag
    • All of the accessories will be delivered in the colour of the requested baby pram 

    Sizes of the Premium Baby Pram:

    • Light, only 8 kg
    • The height from the ground till the handle max. 105cm and min. 65cm.
    • Distance between the rear wheels is 51cm
    • Width of the seat is 32cm + length is 21cm
    • Folded size with the wheels is 77.5cm * 61cm * 33cm

    Some details:

    Storage areas Adjustable handle Front vibration damping  Rear vibration damping


     The babypram fulfills the  latest safety and quality criteria:

     BS EN 1888:2003


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