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1. Quality Warranty:

We are so convinced about the quality of our products, that we are offering more guarantee than it is usual on the market for the main parts, so You can be sure that our product will fulfill the requested function as long as the child will grow up!

2. Money Payback Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with our product, you can send it back to us in 14 days, in the original packaging. After it we will give you back the complete price of the product.

3. Price Guarantee:

If you are finding a better price/value share product comparing with any of our product and if you send the link of this better product to our email address (, then we guarantee that we will send you a better offer.

4. How we are able to ensure the above mentioned?

Our company is interested only in few products but these are bought directly from the manufacturer, so the long supply chain is avoided. So it is not uncommon that our high quality and modern products can be bought at us for less than half of the normal shop's price. This is why we are called


+ The real guarantee, our satisfied Customers:

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