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General Terms and Conditions


In this General Terms and Conditions applies for the customers (hereinafter: Buyer) of the webpage, which is (hereinafter: Babypramfactory). Babypramfactory officially called Mamma Kiddies Hungary Ltd.,   having a principal place of business at 6. Sándor Korányi Street, Edelény 3780-Hungary, Company registration number 05-09-025168 issued by B.-A.-Z. County Court of Registration; EU VAT number: HU24216735. Exclusively here described general terms and conditions are valid and replace any other, except the prior announced and written changes.

Babypramfactory reserve the right to change this General Terms and Conditions, it means before every purchase the general terms and conditions of    has to be read again.

These changes are valid immediately after publishing on the internet and can not be

applied for previous contracts. With a validated purchase you hereby agrees to these


Information about the webshop

The seller of the products you can purchase here is the Mamma Kiddies Hungary Ltd. Principal

place of business: 6. Sándor Korányi Street, Edelény 3780-Hungary. Tax number:

HU24216735; Company registration number: 05-09-025168; Issued by: B.-A.-Z. County Court of Registration; HU20117340042050532500000000; E-mal:

The owner of the         domain is Mamma Kiddies Hungary Ltd, registrator and operator is the Forpsi.

Important aspects of the subject of contract

The subject of the contract is the products in the webshop offered for sale by Babypramfactory. The properties and description of the product you can find in the product description. Please read these description carefully to buy the product you really need. If necessary contact Babypramfactory on email.

The gross price is always indicated next to the product name. The prices include VAT and the currency can be selected

Buying process

The first step in the purchase process is the registration in the webshop, with completing a registration datasheet.

After the registration the product(s) can be put into the cart with the “in the cart” icon, after that using the “purchase via

PayPal” button you can pay the product. The payment happens through PayPal Inc. website, it means Babypramfactory will be never aware of your payment information e.g. credit card information only Babypramfactory is notified when the payment is successful. To read the general terms of using PayPal visit After a successful payment you becomes a buyer of Babypramfactory.


Payment methods


-credit card 

You can be find here more information about it:



The delivery of the our products are secured by GLS.


Delivery Cost

You can be find here more information about it:


Privacy policy

All data provided by the buyer to Babypramfactory are needed to identify the buyer during the purchase process, Babypramfactory handles these data carefully and never provides these data to third party except for the subcontractor(s) who are responsible for the shipment. In this case our subcontractors are not allowed to store, re-use and hand over the data provided by Babypramfactory. During the handling of your data we comply according the Data protection law and regulations.

During the browsing of our webpage information are recorded for statistical purposes (IP address, visit duration etc.). Babypramfactory will hand over these data to the authorities only if the request is legaly confirmed. The data provided for

newsletter subscription is handled carefully, unsubscription is available. You can request the deletion of all your records in written form on email. In case of a question which is not defined by this General Terms and

Condtions the Hungarian Civil Code and the Distance contract 17/1999 (II.5.) Hungarian Government Regulations, Electronic Coomercial Services and the information society services for certain aspects of 2,001th CVIII. tv. provisions shall prevail.

17/1999 (II.5.) trv.:

2001. évi CVIII. trv.:

Browsing this website and placing an order you accept this terms and conditions and data management principles.

The commercial services of Babypramfactory can be used by a unique email address and password. The email address and its belonging password identifies the buyer, usage of these proofs the buyer has made the transaction. The purchase are recorded by our system and it sends a confirmation about that. The buyer is liable the usage of the password and he/she never makes it available for anybody. Babypramfactory is not liable for the damages caused by password fraud against the buyer or third party.

According the 2011 year’s CXII law (Infotv.) 68§ (6) section the National Dataprivacy and Freedom of Information Authority approved (in process) for Babypramfactory the data handling right. The registration number is: under registration

Copyrights and references

All graphical elements, structures, projecting methods and products, informations, data about our products, description, pictures on the websites are owned by

Babypramfactory. Using these contents without prior approval of the owner violates the copyrights and may initiate a legal action.

The  domain and its subdomains are prohibited to place on any other website in a way that it links something else. Placing our website address are generally approved.

Returns and refunds

In the case of written withdrawal deadline would be considered validated if the consumer statement to this effect (up to 14 calendar days) is sent to the Babypramfactory within 14 calendar days.

When implementing the right of withdrawal, the customer shall pay the costs incurred by the return of goods  

The customer bears the costs of the damage, which are casued in the product due to the improper using.

So please take care for the goods in good condition!

In case of cancellation of benefits may be withdrawn if the necessary conditions for the use of the discounts are not met due to cancellation. The delivery cost won't be paid back to the customer. The withdrawal right extends only to those consumers qualifying buyers under the Consumer Protection Act. More than 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods to exercise the right of withdrawal can not be guaranteed.


Miscolenaus conditions

The customer agrees all other matters are governed by the Hungarian Law. And accept the Hungarian court jurisdiction (Miskolc Municipal Court).


In case the buyer violates the conditions and terms defined in this general terms

and conditions, Babypramfactory has the right to make buyer’s registration


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